Pun Hlaing flagship hospital Hlaing Tharyar was established by Serge Pun @ U Theim Wai in 2005, situated on 5.5 acres of land in the Pun Hlaing Estate, Hlaing Tharyar township and has continuously served the nation by providing access to quality healthcare for the past 16 years. The flagship hospital is the first hospital in Myanmar to receive ISO accreditation in 2010 and achieved American Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA) in August 2017 for quality and patient safety.

Pun Hlaing Hospitals pledged to Survive, Protect and Contribute. We have committed to sharing the burden in combatting the pandemic with Government and MOHS by providing COVID-19 testing, treatment and containment at our customised hybrid hospital facility.

With permission from Myanmar’s National Central Committee for COVID-19 Protection, Control and Treatment, Pun Hlaing Hospital – Hlaing Tharyar started to provide testing and treatment from December 24th 2020. Pun Hlaing Hospitals – Hlaing Tharyar has built a brand new COVID-19 Testing Centre within two months to prepare for administering Antigen-RDT to test COVID-19 in Domestic Airline Travellers. The testing centre has been thoroughly checked and approved by Myanmar’s National Central Committee for COVID-19 Protection, Control and Treatment to administer these tests.

To ensure the safety of all patients in need of treatment/medical attention for both non-COVID-19 and COVID-19 related illnesses, we have segmented our facilities into Yellow Zone, Green Zone and Red Zone for staffs and patient safety. Pun Hlaing Hospitals (PHH) is committed to keep our patients safe and to ensure that we are always here for you, no matter what the situation is.



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