Social Impact

At Pun Hlaing Hospitals, we recognise our social impact responsibilities as a leading private healthcare provider in Myanmar. We allocate 2% of net profit from our healthcare business towards community programmes, which are sustainable and far reaching. Our objectives align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

3.Good Health and Well-Being

We allocate 36 beds and discount 30% to 70% of professional fees to deliver care to the bottom and lower socio-economic segments of the population. Our health education focuses on hygiene and protection, while high priorities are to reduce infant mortality and incidence of measles, mumps and rubella.
February 2020

In February 1 2020, PHSH CSR Team provide care of 35 cases and share health education about Novel Coronavirus in Kalargyisu Village.

January 2020

In January 11 2020, PHSH CSR Team provide care of 64 patients in Kalargyisu Village.

February 2020

In February 1 2020, PHSH CSR Team provide care of 35 cases and share health education about Novel Coronavirus in Kalargyisu Village.

4.Quality Education

At Pun Hlaing Hospitals, we believe in inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities. This is reflected in our awarded diversity and how our people join us and advance with us through training and education. We has also initiated seminars to improve patient safety awareness and training for both government and private healthcare institutions nationwide.

Vocational Training, Gap Kids, Agriculture 101, Village Cleanup and Emergency Relief Programme

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

Our social impact partner Step-In-Step-Up help less fortunate young people join our customer service and house keeping teams through a Vocational Training Academy. Training continues on-the-job and is offered to other staff too.

“We are not here to do good. We are here for good.”

He came from Khay Khinn village,Northern Shan State,Myanmar.
At the age of 2 days, he fell into open fire from his mother’s arms during epileptic attack.


The hard journey after the accident

Immediately after the accident, he was treat with traditional medicine at the village. One month later, he was brought to Mandalay General Hospital.

A Ray of Hope

Later on, the patient has been sent to Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital. Baby Moe Kyaw met Prof. Roberto Roddi, Patron of the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and the Aesthetic Surgery. Because of his large field of experience in post-traumatic deformities, baby Moe Kyaw was finally given a ray of hope for his journey.

Moe Kyaw : After fifth surgery, 2017 November

The fire took his eye. The structure of his mouth and nose weren’t formed properly. Even for a strong kid like Moe Kyaw, this journey wasn’t easy.
He had underwent a lot of surgeries during the past three years. The first thing we did is on his cheek and mouth to let him eat and speak properly. Then the eyes and the nose. Little by little he is improving.
Then in July 2019, baby moe kyaw visit us again together with his grandmother, mother and the monk from the village. His grandmother said, happy tears in her eyes, that her grandson, baby Moe Kyaw can now eat and speak.
It’s the first win for us. Not because the operations are successful. They are successful, indeed. It’s the first win for us because we could see the ray of hope in the family’s the cloud of tragedy.

The Journey To Go

His journey will belong. It will be not easy. But it doesn’t mean we should not continue. We, Pun Hlaing Siloam hospital, will keep on going with Moe Kyaw, his family, and the contributors who are willingly helping him with pure goodness in their heart.

PHH CSR Clinic

On March 27, 2024, the PHH CSR team provided care for 20 children at Pun Hlaing Hospitals (Hlaing Tharyar).

PHH CSR Clinic

In April 2024, the PHH CSR team provided care for children under 14 years old at Pun Hlaing Hospitals – Hlaing Tharyar.