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Position :Junior Clinical Nutritionist
Department :Behavioural Health Sciences
Location :Hlaing Tharyar
Speciality :Nutritional Department
Qualifications :M.B.,B.S (Ygn), M.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics (Bedfordshire, UK)
Gender :Female
Language :Burmese, English

After achieving M.B., B.S, joined Master Degree Program (Nutrition and Dietetics) by University of Bedfordshire, UK in 2017. Has been trained in Thailand on various medical nutrition therapies under supervision of Nutrition Physicians and registered Clinical Nutritionists/Dietitians. Graduated M.Sc. with commendation in 2019. Believe in the Importance of Nutrition in different clinical scenarios and love to work with various clinicians to provide better health care for patients.

Disease-specific Medical Nutrition Therapies with special interest on geriatric nutrition, renal nutrition and nutrition-related Gastro-Intestinal Disorders.