Pun Hlaing Hospitals and HEAL by Pun Hlaing Launch the HEAL by Pun Hlaing App, a TeleHealth Mobile App Bringing Affordable Healthcare Services to People across Myanmar

HEAL by Pun Hlaing App, a TeleHealth mobile application that provides 24/7 on-demand telehealth services, enabling patients to receive high-quality healthcare support right at their fingertips, when they need it most. HEAL stands for ‘Health Empowerment and Active Living’, and this all new App has been introduced to empower people across Myanmar to take control of their health and live a more active, rewarding lifestyle. The HEAL by Pun Hlaing App is Myanmar’s first hospital-led telehealth app in Myanmar, backed by the extensive healthcare infrastructure of Pun Hlaing Hospitals which encompasses three hospitals and multiple clinics strategically located in key cities across the country. Leveraging its long-standing community presence and the comprehensive range of medical services it offers, PHH is ideally positioned to meet the on-demand healthcare needs of the population. The app was launched with the tagline – “HEAL, Your Health In Your Hands”, to encourage Myanmar’s mobile-first population to experience the benefits of using a mobile app to access medical services and information anytime, anywhere. The app plays a vital role in widening healthcare inclusion and addressing the challenges faced by individuals, such as those in remote areas or with limited mobility, to access timely medical support and information.

HEAL by Pun Hlaing App Services

The HEAL App is supported by over 150 doctors and specialists from PHH who specialise in different areas of healthcare. The services offered in Version 1.0 of the HEAL App include:

On-demand Teleconsultation with General Practitioners:

Patients can book a voice call or video call teleconsultation with General Practitioners on the same day, with appointment slots available within 15 minutes.

Teleconsultation with Specialist Doctors:

Patients can book a voice call or video call teleconsultation with a specialist doctor, with appointment slots available within six hours.

In-Person Appointment:

Patients can book an in-person appointment with a doctor at a hospital or clinic operated by PHH, with appointment slots available within six hours.

Chat with Doctors via In-App Messaging:

Patients can engage in direct communication with doctors through secure in-app messaging, receiving answers to health-related queries and guidance on minor ailments.

My Health (Electronic Medical Record):

The app allows both patients and medical professionals to securely access and manage personal medical records, replacing physical patient books. It enables doctors to efficiently store clinical information, manage lab results, prescriptions, and share records with other providers. Patients can easily access and retrieve electronic medical reports and present their personal medical records at clinics or hospitals.

Health News:

Patients can browse the latest health updates and wellness tips through curated health news articles.

Health Packages:

The app enables patients to explore a range of comprehensive and cost-effective health packages for preventive care and screening.

Pharmacy Order:

Patients can order prescription medications conveniently through the app, and select between medicine delivery to their doorstep for added convenience, or self-collection at a hospital or clinic operated by PHH.

Doctor Information:

The app includes comprehensive information about the doctors available on the platform, including their specialties, qualifications, and experience.

Hospital & Clinic Information:

Patients can explore details about PHH’s network of hospitals and clinics, including locations, services offered, and the doctors and facilities available.

Call an Ambulance:

The app enables patients to call for an ambulance for swift response and timely intervention.

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HEAL App is a healthcare mobile application to manage your health and access medical services from anywhere, at any time.

Our excellent services include …

  1. 24/7 On-Demand Service
  2. Online/In-person Specialist Consultation
  3. Chat with Doctors
  4. Access to Electronic Medical Records
  5. Schedule and Manage Appointments  
  6. Access Healthcare Packages with Special Offers
  7. Prescribed Medicine Doorstep Delivery Service (in Yangon)
  8. Health Articles
  9. Emergency Ambulance
  10. Pun Hlaing Hospital Location Search


You can download it free from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

At least Android Version 7.0 and iOS version 12.0 are required.

On-Demand is a feature of the HEAL by Pun Hlaing App that the user can quickly and easily consult a family doctor online.
Anyone who has registered on the HEAL by Pun Hlaing App can use it anytime and anywhere.

You can check it anytime on your phone.

Medicines prescribed by the doctors through HEAL App can be ordered and delivered to your home within Yangon.

You can make digital payments through Wave Pay and 2C2P.

You can reach us at our Customer Service Centre at +959 772 88 99 55 and info@healbypunhlaing.com.

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