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We are glad to announce that the Pun Hlaing Hospitals vaccination centres providing COVID-19 vaccinations are now up and running. We kick-started with the vaccination of our Chairman Serge Pun, and we are rolling out the vaccination program to our Yoma Group Family and their family members.

Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect ourselves as well as our loved ones as it minimises the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks. The collective protection from vaccination will be more effective when more people are vaccinated.

The vaccination centers are located at the former Dulwich School Campus next to Pun Hlaing Hospitals – Hlaing Thar Yar Township and StarCity in Thanlyin Township, Yangon. Both centers will collectively be able to provide vaccination services for up to 7,000 doses a day. In addition, Mandalay and Taunggyi will also have a vaccine center soon, respectively.

The Centers are in compliance with the rules and regulations set by the Ministry of Health as well as protocols established by the WHO in terms of vaccination administration, storage, handling, monitoring, reporting and patient education.

Pun Hlaing Hospitals vaccination centres are ready to support and inoculate for companies and organizations if they have MOHS approved vaccines in hand. Please contact us at with your organisation details.