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Another first in the country, our “Live Healthy 4P Clinic” is an innovative clinic launched by Pun Hlaing Hospitals.

The primary objective of this concept is to deliver healthcare programs, services tailored to individuals’ health and wellness needs on the principles of engagement and empowerment of self, using the 4P medicine model (Predictive, Preventive, Participatory and Personalised) which will lead to morbidity compression and the empowerment of proactive healthcare.

The benefit …

This will help unlock the full physical and emotional potential of the person and will help maximize one’s productivity and healthy lifespan.

The model…

lt calls for the delivery of a model that is frictionless and seamless across the continuum of healthcare at home, family practice and hospital.

Our 4P Clinic supports…

to PREDICT the potential risks of suffering from diseases,
to PREVENT before progressing into diseases, and to detect the unpreventable diseases earlier, to encourage PARTICIPATORY decision-making and
to provide PERSONALISED care efficiently with an ultimate aim for every single customer to live healthier.

The Personal Health Record…

To ensure customization of the program and services to an individual’s need, we have created a Personal Health Record (PHR). We value the participation in completing the self-centered information with openness and facts, as it enhances one’s engagement and empowers an individual, to derive the best outcome and health benefit.

Our team…

Dedicated specialists, doctors, nurses and allied health professionals are ready to serve our community.

Pun Hlaing Clinic Taw Win

14/A, Taw Win Street (Corner of Ambassador Stand Taw Win St) Dagon Tsp, Yangon. Tel: 012302740, 2302741, 09 513 78 12